3 Tips to Increase Recruitment Process Efficiency

January 11, 2021

Building an effective development team can often be a challenge. Working in each team can differ in many ways, including:

  1. Working style and methodology,
  2. Product or service being built, and
  3. Technologies and toolsets used for work each day.

We believe that these three factors are extremely important in the process of building a team. Recruitment is about people and trying to find common points between the candidate and the future employer. These common points are practically an endless catalog of needs that should be approached with understanding and careful consideration.

1. Working style and methodology

The style and methodology is quite often related to the size of the company, its position on the market, its organisational structure and the product or service being built. Clearly, you’ll find a different style of work in the banking industry compared to a young start-up with its headquarters in San Francisco. And yes - it matters to the candidate. Also, let your candidates know upfront what methodology you work in - some people will prefer scrum, some Kanban and the other ones – old school waterfall.

Each workplace is different and creates its own environment, get to know yourself from the very first step.

2. The product

Let's face it, it's probably one of the most important things. Who wouldn't like to work at SpaceX or Apple? Let's get this straight - if you believe in your product and you’re able to sell it to your customers - you will also sell it to the team that will want to develop it. Get ready to make an interesting presentation of your product and sell it to your team. Invest some time for it in the recruitment process, it’s worth it.

3. Technologies

GoLang and React Native or maybe PHP, Java6 and jQuery? Be transparent about the technology you work with as it really matters to technologists. It might be easier to find the team when you’re working with the latest frameworks, but it’s also ok if you have some legacy code to maintain as long as there is a clear reasoning and a path to evolution. 

Everything depends on people’s career viewpoint. Some developers will move from one project to another each year whereas other developers will happily stay for 10 years at one company. It depends on the individual.

Last but not least, pay attention to one key point - do the market research before kicking off the recruitment process and check whether it will be feasible to find the required specialists in a given field. Sounds like something obvious? And yet, it does happen that a particular location does not provide enough specialists to provide a sufficient active candidate pool to make it worthwhile.  So, don't forget about this point.


We hope this short summary will help you carry out your recruitment processes more efficiently. And if you want to know more, write to us directly!


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